Chronology and time

The choice of a campsite on the web through the following steps :

Selection more or less fast on the web of few campings in a given region, by a visitor often alone (office, free time, access possible, lunch, etc. ..)

Then the question of documentation arises because at the end this is not the user who will choose alone, but the family (spouse, children) in the light of information found.

Access to information : everybody must be connected to consult your website => it's slower the navigation between the pages despite ADSL and information is scattered and non-synthetic.

Downloading ? You have to wait until the end of the operation, you must manage the flow of the received file (office, home), USB key, etc. ...

Request information by post ? You have to give the address and wait several days the documentation.

Our solution ?

The user entered his email to receive the required file to PDF (2 pages)

  • 1- The camper's email is only typed once on our website
  • 2- The storage of file on its email system is automatic
  • 3- Easily transferable & manipulable
  • 4- No loss of time for the demand,
  • 5- Send instant documentation
  • 6- Documentation available offline
  • 7- A single PDF file super fast shipping
  • 8- Print And without any regard for compatibility!

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